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    ASIAN PAPER Thailand is the most influential traditional PAPER exhibition in Asia

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    publish:2020-12-21 14:51:57  

      From 2018, the exhibition will undergo a major adjustment. The exhibition will be jointly organized by two teams: Asia Paper Exhibition and World Toilet Paper Exhibition.

      The exhibition will replan the layout, formulate more effective promotion plan and more targeted buyer invitation plan, in order to let the exhibitors get a better exhibition experience, and get a better exhibition effect.

      Asia Paper is the largest pulp and paper industry event in Asia. It is held every two years.

    Covering every link of the pulp and paper industry in the region, it has created the best platform for meeting and negotiating with the world's top paper machinery, equipment and service suppliers in the pulp and paper industry, leading the development trend of the pulp and paper industry in the region.

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