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    Jiaxing Ochs Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Pulping permeation agent 7300
    Appearance: Colorless to yellow liquid
    Density(25℃): 1.00-1.12
    pH(1%): 3.5-7.0
    Suggested usage: 0.5-2.5 kg/ton pulp

      OchsPenetrant-7300 Pulping Osmotic is a mixture of special surfactants used in chemical pulping and cooking systems of bamboo and various wood materials.

      In the cooking process, it can partially or completely replace the use of alkali sulfide, which can effectively improve the permeability of cooking liquid, achieve faster and more uniform cooking effect, reduce cooking time, reduce the amount of slurry residue, and improve the pulp yield of cooking.

     At the same time, the improvement of the permeability of the cooking liquid can obtain more stable Kappa value, which has the advantages of low content of pulp resin, easy bleaching, and excellent physical properties of the pulp.

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