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    Jiaxing Ochs Chemical Co.,Ltd
    Chelating agent 1350
    Appearance: Yellowish Transparent liquid
    pH: 4.0-10.0
    Calcium( CaCO3)chelating values: ≥40mg/g
    Iron chelation values: ≥100mg/g
    Packaging: plastic cask
    Volume: 1200L

      OCHS-1350 has a strong ability to capture and disperse metal ions. It can chelate with calcium, magnesium, lead, zinc, iron, chromium and other polyvalent metal ions in a wide range of pH values to form a stable water-soluble complex, especially in alkaline media and at higher temperatures.In order to prevent metal ions in the pulp bleaching process of precipitation and scaling, bleaching agent ineffective decomposition, pulp yellowing, etc.At the same time, it has the effect of protecting pulp fiber and increasing the dispersion of bleach solution.

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